Breaking up with the house on mutual terms !!!


Remember I wrote about my house hunting struggle. (Looking for a husband.. Oops I mean a house !!!) well I finally found a beautiful house where I moved in today, which I’m very happy about. But that’s not what I’m writing about in this post. while packing the last four years of my life into suitcases and boxes I realised how attached I had become to the house and today while leaving, it was a heartfelt teary goodbye.


Diary entry from 30-08-2016:-

The feeling of leaving this house which I’ve called home is sinking in. It’s been a good four years but now it’s time to say goodbye.

Seeing all my stuff packed in suitcases I’m feeling nostalgic, recalling when I stepped into this house for the first time with just one piece of luggage and one handbag. It took time to settle in but soon it became my happy place.

This house has seen so many sides of me, it’s seen so many emotions. It’s seen me grow-up from being a girl to a woman. I’ll miss sitting on the bean-bag near the window with my cup of coffee. I’ll miss laying on my bed and looking out at the sky, I’ll miss the kitchen where I’ve cooked occasionally for close ones. I’ll miss the balcony which I always planned to use but never did. But most of all I’ll miss the comfort it’s given me when I’ve been low.


Excuse me! Do you have a minute ?!!


We live in a world where everyone is in a race to reach the finish line. Everyone is running towards something, out of which so many people don’t even know what they are running after. They are just running. And in this mundane process we forget to breath and look around at the positives of life.

So if you are reading this take a moment out of your busy, chaotic and pressured life to count all the positives. Say thank you and show gratitude in your heart towards all the good things that you already have. You might be taking those things for granted but there would be someone out there in this world striving for those same things, like you are striving for something else.

Learn to appreciate what you have – before time makes you appreciate what you had.

Masks )(


The reality is always not the reality.

The truth is not what we see,

But what lies within.

Within every layer is a deeper visible truth

But the deepest is the most concealed

almost forgotten, almost faded.


The facts are not in the figures,

But in the emotional triggers.

The faces that we perceive are different

from the faces that we see.

The faces that we see might not be the reality.

The reality is always not the reality.



Looking for a husband.. Oops I mean a house !!!

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I just realised that I’ve been so busy with ‘LIFE’ that I haven’t written in a while or read posts by my other blogger friends out here. Whenever I would tell myself – you idiot! Your last post was around Christmas, and you should put something out there, I would feel guilty and shut the door to that side of my head.

But today when ‘LIFE’ struck, I thought I should share it with you guys. I have been looking for a house for quite some time as I need to shift out of my current apartment and rent a new one because of various reasons.

I have seen several   apartments but haven’t found ‘the one’ yet. None of them made me feel that this could be my HOME. Some were lacking in one department and some in the other. As a person I believe in simple living and hence, I’ve been looking for a simple home with positive vibes, sunlight coming in from the window to light up the house, neat and clean environment and an easy going atmosphere around the house. I don’t think that’s much to ask! Is it?

If it’s so difficult to find an apartment, how difficult will it be to find the right guy?

And believe me finding an apartment in a city like Mumbai is not easy. It might be a metropolitan progressive city but the mentality is still very typical when it comes to single women. Property agents or brokers as we call them clearly tell you at the beginning of the process that since you are a single woman your options are very limited. And out of those limited options that they have shown me till now, none of them was a good one let alone being ‘the one’. Want to hear some examples, here goes:-

The 1st apartment I saw: I was told that it’s a sea facing flat with a beautiful garden. The only view of the sea that I got was from the extreme right corner of the bedroom window with a tall old building blocking the rest of the view. Oh! And the garden.. Well! There wasn’t even a plant in sight.

The 2nd one: The entrance of the house was from the kitchen. Nope! That wasn’t the back entrance. It was the only one.

The 3rd one: It was a 2BHK being shared by ‘Four’ people and they were looking for a fifth one. I had to remind the guy that I’m looking for a house and not a hostel.

The last one that I saw today: The house looked good and I thought my search might end today but life can’t be so easy, can it! the landlord walks in and scans me from top to bottom with a judgemental eye and says- ‘we can take it forward but you won’t be allowed to go out after 10 pm, you will have to wear decent clothes if you want to live here and there will be no boys allowed.’


For a moment I thought maybe he’s mistaken me for a 16 year old. Which I clearly don’t look like by the way.

And the list is endless.

So now I have 20 days to find a new home or I will be homeless and the task seems impossible right now. But as I prefer looking at the glass half full rather than half empty, I’ll keep at it with all the energy I have.

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2015 through the rear view mirror !!!


As I look back at the past 1 year, a lot has changed in my life and in me. I have got quite a lot of important realisations which is why I thought of compiling a list of everything that has happened with me in 2015. So here goes:-

  • January – It was my best friend’s wedding so the year started with a lot of happiness, excitement and celebration. Soon realisation struck that I will have to share her with someone else and a fear set in that we might slowly grow apart. But that fear shortly disappeared as nothing like that happened. A year has gone by and our bond still remains the same.


  • February and March– A series of shoots happened out of nowhere in February, march and April giving me enough money to survive for quite some time, which made me realise that God sends help in some form or the other when you actually need it.
  • April – God always gives you a second chance. My aunt and uncle finally got married to each other at the age of 44. They were each other’s first love and were inseparable when they were teenagers but due to certain circumstances, couldn’t get married to each other. Years later when they were both alone, fate got them together again and as they say true love never dies, sparks were ignited and they finally got married to each other.


  • May– It was my birthday when I realised that if I have a handful of people around me who I love and who love me back, I don’t need anything else in the world.

PhotoGrid_1431380126055.jpg  PhotoGrid_1431379894070.jpg


  • June– A quick last minute trip to Goa showed me that simple pleasures of life are enough to make me happy. I don’t need luxury.


  • July– My brother Eddy turned 19 and when he came to visit me in Mumbai I realised that my baby brother’s actually all grown up, sensible and mature. I feel so proud of him.


  • August– Keep working hard and grab every opportunity that comes your way even if it’s not showing results right now don’t let that stop you. You never know when that hard work comes back to you and in what form.
  • September– I always knew that I have a travel bug in me but I didn’t know the amount of happiness and peace it brings to my life until that very moment, and therefore I came to a conclusion that I should keep travelling more often, wherever possible and wherever life takes me.


  • October– I realised that music acts like a band aid on wounds and sharing those wounds even if it’s with a diary helps cure those wounds.


  • November– Family is the utmost important thing in the world and no matter what happens you never let go off each other. In fact, if you go off track your family will get you back on the right path and will always have your back. There is nothing more pure and stronger than the love and bond of your family.


  • December– No matter how much you love travelling, it becomes double the fun when you have a partner in crime.



  • And last but not the least; never lose hope no matter how bad the situation looks. Find that hope within yourself and hold on to it. Don’t let that dream of yours die just because it’s dark around you right now. Have faith and the moment you spot that light at the end of the dark tunnel you are in, follow it. It will lead you to your dream.


And with that hope, I’m ready to begin another new year of my life.

Happy 2016!!!

Different sides of a mystical island called BALI !!!


Once I reached Bali and settled in the hotel, imagine what’s the first thing that I discovered. Bali is so vast and there is so much to see and do there that you need a minimum of at least 15 days to enjoy the island in its whole. And how many days was I there for- barely a week. Another thing that I learned being a tourist in Bali is that you need to pick the area you’re staying in according to what you majorly want to do in Bali as each town is at quite a distance from the other and the sole mode of transportation is taxi. So if you chose wisely you will save both time and money. I chose to stay in Kuta as I had read and heard that Kuta is supposedly party central. I stayed at Park Regis Hotel which was walking distance from Leigan Street, a buzzing street full of bars, pubs, clubs, small shops and boutiques. And of course, the hotel was at walking distance form Kuta beach.


DSC01970 DSC01981  20150910_003728  20150912_190617

If you are not a party person don’t worry. Bali has a lot more to offer and there are many different colours to it. If you’re a fan of the simple living you can chose to live in Ubud among the beautiful rice fields and aromatic coffee plantations. Being a coffee lover I really enjoyed my visit to one of the coffee plantations over there. Another thing that I wanted to do in Ubud but couldn’t is Yoga. Imagine practicing Yoga in the middle of a rice field with the sunrise, that’s heaven for a yoga lover.

DSC02095  DSC02088  DSC02087  20150910_111044 20150910_111056

If Beaches are your calling and you want to spend your days lazing on the beach sipping cocktails then Nusa Dua will be perfect for you. In addition to that you can indulge yourself in water sports and surfing at Nusa Lembongan, near Nusa Dua. I relished my time lazing on Nusa Dua beach and playing with the white sand and blue water. And as I mentioned in my last post Walking with the fishes, I did sea walking there and the experience was out of this world.


If you’re an adrenalin junkie and can’t resist a hike then central Bali is the place for you offering scenic mountains, waterfalls and river rafting. I had a great time rafting. It was so much fun. The whole trail was surrounded by mountains accompanied by a beautiful blue sky and rays of sunlight Oh! And I also got a glimpse of a beautiful wedding ceremony that was happening at a riverside property that we crossed.

_DSC0030  IMG-20150910-WA0019   IMG-20150910-WA0024

If you’re a fan of luxury then you need not worry, there are a lot of luxury resorts and hotels all across Bali. My personal favourite would be Ayana Resort and Spa in Jimbarn which is a small fishing village comprising of a beach and is also the hub of luxury hotels. I visited Ayana twice once for lunch at one of its restaurants called Sami Sami for a delicious Italian meal and once on the weekend to enjoy a glorious sunset at Rock Bar, which I must say is the most spectacular bar that I’ve been to. The bar is on top of a rock overlooking the Indian Ocean and they have a great selection of cocktails to go with the vibe of the place.


In addition to all this there are numerous Breath taking temples in Bali which are a treat for the eyes. I went to Uluwatu temple, Tanah Lot temple and Ulan Danu Beratan temple and found the three of them equally peaceful and gorgeous. I saw a beautiful sunset at Uluwatu temple, I prayed and got blessings at Tanah Lot temple and I attended a peaceful prayer ceremony at Ulan Danu Beratan temple.

DSC02298DSC02301DSC02294DSC02296DSC02305 IMG-20150913-WA0029DSC02318IMG-20150913-WA0030

I was able to do so much and see so much in Bali in such a short span to time and the whole credit for that goes to my driver and guide Gede Putra from Holiday Bali Amertha. I had just started soaking in the wellness of Bali and before I knew it, it was time for me to go back home. But I left the island with a promise to myself that I will come to Bali again and that too for a longer period of time.


Walking with the fishes

As I promised that I will share my Bali experience here on my space, here’s my first post about Bali from a list of many more that will follow this post. Bali is so beautiful and diverse that there is so much to see and enjoy on this captivating island. I was quite confused actually that what should be my first post about Bali. Then I thought, why not start with an experience that I had for the first time in my life in Bali on Nusa Dua beach.


Diary entry from 11-09-2015:-

I went to a different world today. A world that only the fishes are able to witness, a world full of so much life jumping with joy all around; the marine world. I felt that I’m in a place where all the life around me is full of happiness and innocence. A perfectly peaceful environment, the only sound that I could hear was the sound of water. I went sea walking today and I felt so fortunate that I could witness something like this in my life.


The instructor took me to the middle of the ocean on a boat and placed a gigantic helmet on my head which helped me in breathing since it was connected to a pipe which supplied oxygen into the helmet. And then boom! The instructor pushed me in into the water.

Don’t worry! I’m just kidding. The guy held me tight and took me under water. I felt a little uncomfortable initially as my ears started paining but once I reached the bottom of the ocean and swallowed a few times the pain disappeared. Another trick is to take your hand inside your helmet, close your nose tight and hold your breath for a few moments. We were told about these tricks on the boat before they helped us put on the helmet.


When I calmed down I realised that I’m actually below water. I was all set to venture into a new world of white sand, crystal clear water, coral reefs and fishes. I held the instructor’s hand for the first few steps but after that I gave up his support and was on my own. He was somewhere around me but all I wanted to see was my new world. After that moment he disappeared for me completely. Soon I started walking ahead meeting all the beautiful yellow/ blue/ black fishes, greeting them, trying to understand them.  The only way to get to know them was to feed them some bread as they got scared of me when I offered them my hand of friendship without any food.


After meeting and greeting with my new friends, I took a few pictures with them so that I can look back years later and remember our time spent together. One of the best memories of mine, I have to say. We enjoyed the photographs, the food and then the beautiful sunlight falling on us through the water. When I looked up towards my world it seemed so distant and yet so familiar. I didn’t even realise how time flew by and soon I had to say goodbye to this delightful world and go back to mine.