Different sides of a mystical island called BALI !!!


Once I reached Bali and settled in the hotel, imagine what’s the first thing that I discovered. Bali is so vast and there is so much to see and do there that you need a minimum of at least 15 days to enjoy the island in its whole. And how many days was I there for- barely a week. Another thing that I learned being a tourist in Bali is that you need to pick the area you’re staying in according to what you majorly want to do in Bali as each town is at quite a distance from the other and the sole mode of transportation is taxi. So if you chose wisely you will save both time and money. I chose to stay in Kuta as I had read and heard that Kuta is supposedly party central. I stayed at Park Regis Hotel which was walking distance from Leigan Street, a buzzing street full of bars, pubs, clubs, small shops and boutiques. And of course, the hotel was at walking distance form Kuta beach.


DSC01970 DSC01981  20150910_003728  20150912_190617

If you are not a party person don’t worry. Bali has a lot more to offer and there are many different colours to it. If you’re a fan of the simple living you can chose to live in Ubud among the beautiful rice fields and aromatic coffee plantations. Being a coffee lover I really enjoyed my visit to one of the coffee plantations over there. Another thing that I wanted to do in Ubud but couldn’t is Yoga. Imagine practicing Yoga in the middle of a rice field with the sunrise, that’s heaven for a yoga lover.

DSC02095  DSC02088  DSC02087  20150910_111044 20150910_111056

If Beaches are your calling and you want to spend your days lazing on the beach sipping cocktails then Nusa Dua will be perfect for you. In addition to that you can indulge yourself in water sports and surfing at Nusa Lembongan, near Nusa Dua. I relished my time lazing on Nusa Dua beach and playing with the white sand and blue water. And as I mentioned in my last post Walking with the fishes, I did sea walking there and the experience was out of this world.


If you’re an adrenalin junkie and can’t resist a hike then central Bali is the place for you offering scenic mountains, waterfalls and river rafting. I had a great time rafting. It was so much fun. The whole trail was surrounded by mountains accompanied by a beautiful blue sky and rays of sunlight Oh! And I also got a glimpse of a beautiful wedding ceremony that was happening at a riverside property that we crossed.

_DSC0030  IMG-20150910-WA0019   IMG-20150910-WA0024

If you’re a fan of luxury then you need not worry, there are a lot of luxury resorts and hotels all across Bali. My personal favourite would be Ayana Resort and Spa in Jimbarn which is a small fishing village comprising of a beach and is also the hub of luxury hotels. I visited Ayana twice once for lunch at one of its restaurants called Sami Sami for a delicious Italian meal and once on the weekend to enjoy a glorious sunset at Rock Bar, which I must say is the most spectacular bar that I’ve been to. The bar is on top of a rock overlooking the Indian Ocean and they have a great selection of cocktails to go with the vibe of the place.


In addition to all this there are numerous Breath taking temples in Bali which are a treat for the eyes. I went to Uluwatu temple, Tanah Lot temple and Ulan Danu Beratan temple and found the three of them equally peaceful and gorgeous. I saw a beautiful sunset at Uluwatu temple, I prayed and got blessings at Tanah Lot temple and I attended a peaceful prayer ceremony at Ulan Danu Beratan temple.

DSC02298DSC02301DSC02294DSC02296DSC02305 IMG-20150913-WA0029DSC02318IMG-20150913-WA0030

I was able to do so much and see so much in Bali in such a short span to time and the whole credit for that goes to my driver and guide Gede Putra from Holiday Bali Amertha. I had just started soaking in the wellness of Bali and before I knew it, it was time for me to go back home. But I left the island with a promise to myself that I will come to Bali again and that too for a longer period of time.


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