Walking Street!!!


Diary entry from 06-09-2015

I saw something today that shook my core existence and made me go in a disturbed state of mind. The irony is that I was the one who wanted and insisted again and again that ‘I want to watch it’, to curb my curiosity. I saw a sex show today where women were taking out blades, needles and weird things from their vagina.

There was this woman who took out a string of blades from her vagina and once she was off the stage my eyes couldn’t stop following her when she was heading backstage. The reason being; she was limping. Now I don’t know whether it was because of the blades or something else. But my mind just assumed the worst. There was another woman who was smoking a cigarette from her vagina and the way she shut her eyes tight while doing so was really painful to watch. Imagine the amount of tobacco and nicotine that would be going inside her uterus every day.

It made me think deeply that what is it that drives a woman to do these things. Why would they torture themselves like that and why doesn’t it stop?  I know for a fact that a lot of women get into prostitution or the sex industry with their own will because of poverty and a lot of them are forced into it by god knows what kind of heartless humans. But they need to realise that this is not the only way of earning money. It might be the quickest but it’s not the lone option.

I feel sorry and guilty that I went for such a show that encourages objectifying women.


I really wish that god blesses these women with a better life in the future.


6 thoughts on “Walking Street!!!

  1. It is really horrifying to think of something like that and to witness it is taking to a different level. The events are really disturbing and I agree with that this isn’t the only option and shouldn’t be the last resort of anyone in desperate need too.

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