A simple girl from India who dreams of making it big as an actress one day. Another big ass dream – traveling the whole world and experiencing each and everything life has to offer.

Telling a little more about myself, I love to try new cuisines, explore new restaurants, enjoys reading and happen to have an interest in writing which has made me start this new blogging journey.

I always like to see the bright side of things and keep my mind positive no matter what. I believe that it is better to see the glass as ‘Half full’ rather than seing it as ‘Half empty’. 

I feel blessed for what god has given me. I have had a beautiful childhood and an amazing teenage and I’m thankful to my parents to have given me that; as that’s what has made me the independent young girl that I am today. I am a girl who is growing up and learning everyday by falling on her face again and again.

When it comes to love, I cherish it with open arms and let it consume me. The person I love becomes even more importaint than my own self.

At times I feel that I’m very lazy and I need to push myself a little harder, maybe that will get me where I want to be.

Well! That’s just a litle bit about me. You can get to know me even better by reading my blog posts !!! 😉

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