Looking for a husband.. Oops I mean a house !!!

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I just realised that I’ve been so busy with ‘LIFE’ that I haven’t written in a while or read posts by my other blogger friends out here. Whenever I would tell myself – you idiot! Your last post was around Christmas, and you should put something out there, I would feel guilty and shut the door to that side of my head.

But today when ‘LIFE’ struck, I thought I should share it with you guys. I have been looking for a house for quite some time as I need to shift out of my current apartment and rent a new one because of various reasons.

I have seen several   apartments but haven’t found ‘the one’ yet. None of them made me feel that this could be my HOME. Some were lacking in one department and some in the other. As a person I believe in simple living and hence, I’ve been looking for a simple home with positive vibes, sunlight coming in from the window to light up the house, neat and clean environment and an easy going atmosphere around the house. I don’t think that’s much to ask! Is it?

If it’s so difficult to find an apartment, how difficult will it be to find the right guy?

And believe me finding an apartment in a city like Mumbai is not easy. It might be a metropolitan progressive city but the mentality is still very typical when it comes to single women. Property agents or brokers as we call them clearly tell you at the beginning of the process that since you are a single woman your options are very limited. And out of those limited options that they have shown me till now, none of them was a good one let alone being ‘the one’. Want to hear some examples, here goes:-

The 1st apartment I saw: I was told that it’s a sea facing flat with a beautiful garden. The only view of the sea that I got was from the extreme right corner of the bedroom window with a tall old building blocking the rest of the view. Oh! And the garden.. Well! There wasn’t even a plant in sight.

The 2nd one: The entrance of the house was from the kitchen. Nope! That wasn’t the back entrance. It was the only one.

The 3rd one: It was a 2BHK being shared by ‘Four’ people and they were looking for a fifth one. I had to remind the guy that I’m looking for a house and not a hostel.

The last one that I saw today: The house looked good and I thought my search might end today but life can’t be so easy, can it! the landlord walks in and scans me from top to bottom with a judgemental eye and says- ‘we can take it forward but you won’t be allowed to go out after 10 pm, you will have to wear decent clothes if you want to live here and there will be no boys allowed.’


For a moment I thought maybe he’s mistaken me for a 16 year old. Which I clearly don’t look like by the way.

And the list is endless.

So now I have 20 days to find a new home or I will be homeless and the task seems impossible right now. But as I prefer looking at the glass half full rather than half empty, I’ll keep at it with all the energy I have.

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