Breaking up with the house on mutual terms !!!


Remember I wrote about my house hunting struggle. (Looking for a husband.. Oops I mean a house !!!) well I finally found a beautiful house where I moved in today, which I’m very happy about. But that’s not what I’m writing about in this post. while packing the last four years of my life into suitcases and boxes I realised how attached I had become to the house and today while leaving, it was a heartfelt teary goodbye.


Diary entry from 30-08-2016:-

The feeling of leaving this house which I’ve called home is sinking in. It’s been a good four years but now it’s time to say goodbye.

Seeing all my stuff packed in suitcases I’m feeling nostalgic, recalling when I stepped into this house for the first time with just one piece of luggage and one handbag. It took time to settle in but soon it became my happy place.

This house has seen so many sides of me, it’s seen so many emotions. It’s seen me grow-up from being a girl to a woman. I’ll miss sitting on the bean-bag near the window with my cup of coffee. I’ll miss laying on my bed and looking out at the sky, I’ll miss the kitchen where I’ve cooked occasionally for close ones. I’ll miss the balcony which I always planned to use but never did. But most of all I’ll miss the comfort it’s given me when I’ve been low.


2 thoughts on “Breaking up with the house on mutual terms !!!

  1. It’s so interesting how we become so attached to our homes (I’m also the exact same way – when I moved to Israel, it felt like I was leaving a part of my heart back in my Canada home). I hope your new place brings you new memories and great adventures!


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