Shopping in Bangkok!!!

My next stop after Pattaya was Bangkok where I had just one day so I thought that I should make the most of it by doing what I love doing in Bangkok –SHOPPING !!! This was my second time in Bangkok and just like the last time, I felt that I don’t have enough time to shop but I did what I could.


My first stop was at Platinum mall. If you like flea markets then you will love this place. It’s a flea market paradise.  Imagine a building with six floors full of flea market stalls selling clothes of all kinds, footwear of all kinds, accessories of all kinds and last but not the least, bags of an enormous variety. Now make that x2. Why? Because there are two buildings like that.


My next stop was Indira market but I didn’t like the quality of stuff at that market so I didn’t spent too much time there and scooted over to the next one called Central World . This mall was quite happening on that particular Monday evening as there was a band performing out front and it had a night market outside the mall. By now you must have known my love for flea markets and stalls so I happen to give it a look and I met this really sweet lady who had just put up her clothes stall there for the night and I was her first customer. I bargained a bit with her and she reduced the price to almost half, by the way she had a good collection of tops.


Last but not the least; Terminal 21 should definitely be on your list, if not for shopping then just to admire the beauty of it. It is based on this amazing concept that places several world famous cities under one roof. Basically every floor is conceptualised on the theme of a city like Rome, London, Tokyo, Istanbul and San- Francisco. And the mall, like an airport terminal takes to a different city one after the other. It has all the good retail brands like Zara, H&M, Guess, Promod, Victoria’s secret, Charles and Keith and many more. Terminal 21 boosts of an amazing food court on the 5th floor with a huge variety in cuisines and the food is not at all expensive.


After all the extensive shopping, I took a small bus ride at night from the mall to the bus stop near Ambassador Hotel, where I was staying in Bangkok. The Bus was quite empty. There was hardly anyone in the bus except for the bus driver, the lady conductor and me. Both the lady and the driver were very polite and helpful in guiding me to my hotel from there which was a two minute walk away. The streets were buzzing with people and traffic even at 10 pm on a Monday night.

There were quite a few massage joints just outside the hotel so I got tempted to go in one and get a nice one hour foot massage done. That was indeed a good decision as I was tired of all the walking and shopping. I reached the hotel and ended the day on a very relaxed and happy note. Next morning I was off to my next destination – Bali. Which I’m very excited to share with you guys in my next post.


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