2015 through the rear view mirror !!!


As I look back at the past 1 year, a lot has changed in my life and in me. I have got quite a lot of important realisations which is why I thought of compiling a list of everything that has happened with me in 2015. So here goes:-

  • January – It was my best friend’s wedding so the year started with a lot of happiness, excitement and celebration. Soon realisation struck that I will have to share her with someone else and a fear set in that we might slowly grow apart. But that fear shortly disappeared as nothing like that happened. A year has gone by and our bond still remains the same.


  • February and March– A series of shoots happened out of nowhere in February, march and April giving me enough money to survive for quite some time, which made me realise that God sends help in some form or the other when you actually need it.
  • April – God always gives you a second chance. My aunt and uncle finally got married to each other at the age of 44. They were each other’s first love and were inseparable when they were teenagers but due to certain circumstances, couldn’t get married to each other. Years later when they were both alone, fate got them together again and as they say true love never dies, sparks were ignited and they finally got married to each other.


  • May– It was my birthday when I realised that if I have a handful of people around me who I love and who love me back, I don’t need anything else in the world.

PhotoGrid_1431380126055.jpg  PhotoGrid_1431379894070.jpg


  • June– A quick last minute trip to Goa showed me that simple pleasures of life are enough to make me happy. I don’t need luxury.


  • July– My brother Eddy turned 19 and when he came to visit me in Mumbai I realised that my baby brother’s actually all grown up, sensible and mature. I feel so proud of him.


  • August– Keep working hard and grab every opportunity that comes your way even if it’s not showing results right now don’t let that stop you. You never know when that hard work comes back to you and in what form.
  • September– I always knew that I have a travel bug in me but I didn’t know the amount of happiness and peace it brings to my life until that very moment, and therefore I came to a conclusion that I should keep travelling more often, wherever possible and wherever life takes me.


  • October– I realised that music acts like a band aid on wounds and sharing those wounds even if it’s with a diary helps cure those wounds.


  • November– Family is the utmost important thing in the world and no matter what happens you never let go off each other. In fact, if you go off track your family will get you back on the right path and will always have your back. There is nothing more pure and stronger than the love and bond of your family.


  • December– No matter how much you love travelling, it becomes double the fun when you have a partner in crime.



  • And last but not the least; never lose hope no matter how bad the situation looks. Find that hope within yourself and hold on to it. Don’t let that dream of yours die just because it’s dark around you right now. Have faith and the moment you spot that light at the end of the dark tunnel you are in, follow it. It will lead you to your dream.


And with that hope, I’m ready to begin another new year of my life.

Happy 2016!!!

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