Walking with the fishes

As I promised that I will share my Bali experience here on my space, here’s my first post about Bali from a list of many more that will follow this post. Bali is so beautiful and diverse that there is so much to see and enjoy on this captivating island. I was quite confused actually that what should be my first post about Bali. Then I thought, why not start with an experience that I had for the first time in my life in Bali on Nusa Dua beach.


Diary entry from 11-09-2015:-

I went to a different world today. A world that only the fishes are able to witness, a world full of so much life jumping with joy all around; the marine world. I felt that I’m in a place where all the life around me is full of happiness and innocence. A perfectly peaceful environment, the only sound that I could hear was the sound of water. I went sea walking today and I felt so fortunate that I could witness something like this in my life.


The instructor took me to the middle of the ocean on a boat and placed a gigantic helmet on my head which helped me in breathing since it was connected to a pipe which supplied oxygen into the helmet. And then boom! The instructor pushed me in into the water.

Don’t worry! I’m just kidding. The guy held me tight and took me under water. I felt a little uncomfortable initially as my ears started paining but once I reached the bottom of the ocean and swallowed a few times the pain disappeared. Another trick is to take your hand inside your helmet, close your nose tight and hold your breath for a few moments. We were told about these tricks on the boat before they helped us put on the helmet.


When I calmed down I realised that I’m actually below water. I was all set to venture into a new world of white sand, crystal clear water, coral reefs and fishes. I held the instructor’s hand for the first few steps but after that I gave up his support and was on my own. He was somewhere around me but all I wanted to see was my new world. After that moment he disappeared for me completely. Soon I started walking ahead meeting all the beautiful yellow/ blue/ black fishes, greeting them, trying to understand them.  The only way to get to know them was to feed them some bread as they got scared of me when I offered them my hand of friendship without any food.


After meeting and greeting with my new friends, I took a few pictures with them so that I can look back years later and remember our time spent together. One of the best memories of mine, I have to say. We enjoyed the photographs, the food and then the beautiful sunlight falling on us through the water. When I looked up towards my world it seemed so distant and yet so familiar. I didn’t even realise how time flew by and soon I had to say goodbye to this delightful world and go back to mine.


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