Exploring Pattaya in a day

Every city has a word, a word that describes it in the best possible way and I think my word for Pattaya is- Grey.

Grey because Pattaya has two sides to it. It is calm and relaxing in the day whereas, it transforms into something bold and dark in the night. I was in pattaya just for twenty four hours and I made the most of it by experiencing every aspect of the city.  I reached there in the morning and checked into Baywalk Residence, a budget hotel just opposite pattaya beach.  After having a nice breakfast at the hotel I took a small nap for a few hours before I could step out to explore the city.

DSC01888  DSC01891

My first stop was the beach since it was just across the road. I’m so happy that my dear diary accompanied me there because the moment I sat down I couldn’t stop gazing at the sea and after a while all I wanted to do was pen down my thoughts somewhere. There are a lot of water sport activities that happen at the beach so you could do that or you could just sit and relax like how I did. My date with my diary was interrupted thrice, twice by vendors who were selling some handmade jewellery and once by this Iranian guy who wanted to ask me out on a date but I had other plans for my day. He was cute though!


Next up I went to this amazing spa somewhere in the middle of the city for an authentic Thai massage. The massage room was in the form of a beautiful earthy hut with a massage bed, a steam room and a spacious bathroom inside. My therapist was a middle aged lady who was so good at her job that her massage made me relax and go off to sleep. You can find a nice spa in Thailand at every turn. Just make sure that you are going to the right one, if you know what I mean. *wink*


After the massage I caught up with a few friends at a cafe, on beach road and enjoyed a nice cuppa coffee. Oh and did I mention, a beautiful sunset across the road.

DSC01928  DSC01929

Once the sun set I got to see a different side of Pattaya. Slowly I could see that a lot of people started setting up shop on their movable carts at every corner of the street. The whole of beach road lit up like magic. There were people selling fried chicken/insects/ and a lot of different forms of fried meat which I didn’t click as it grossed me out. Then there were these vendors selling cut fruits on the street and oh my! The fruits were so yummy. A lot of women also set up shop at every corner of the street by standing there and putting themselves up for sale for the night. Ouch! It’s harsh isn’t it? But that’s a fact. Prostitution happens very openly in Pattaya. The same beach side that was filled with sunshine in the day transformed into something creepy at night.


I also indulged in some serious drinking, alcoholic and non-alcoholic both.  You get these gigantic coconuts with such heavenly water in it. If you’re in Thailand you should definitely try it out. I also took a pit stop at a cocktail van. Yup! There are these vans parked on the street side that sell cocktails. Isn’t that cool!!! I’m completely a cocktail girl. I don’t like hard drinks otherwise with soda or ice or water so it was a very exciting moment for me.

DSC01933  DSC01937

Later on in the night, I went to the sinister Walking Street to see what all the fuss is about. And as I took a stroll down the road I could see why. There were these small bars one after the other where women were standing scantily dressed outside trying to entice people to come in.  Some of them also placed women in the show window who were pole dancing. After walking around for a while and absorbing it all in, I went to this club called insomnia which was quite packed for a Sunday night.


When you are at the walking street a lot of people will come up to you with menu cards of all kind of sex shows that you can watch in their bar. Being the curious cat that I am, I bargained with the guy and cracked a package deal to see all the shows and the next thing that I know is that I was sitting inside a sleazy bar with weird people around waiting to watch the show.  Few minutes later into the show I regretted my decision and by the end of it I came out with tears in my eyes.  I was so disturbed that I need a whole new post to put my feelings across. And I promise that this time I won’t take so long in writing about it. In fact! I will write about in the next twenty four hours from the time I publish this one.


Once the whole sex show fiasco got over, I walked back to the hotel and bought a few more of those yummy fruits and a bar of chocolate to cheer me up. As it is, it was already 4 am and I wanted to get a few hours of sleep before waking up the next day and heading to Bangkok. Over all I had a great time in Pattaya and now you know why I was calling Pattaya grey in the beginning of this post.


2 thoughts on “Exploring Pattaya in a day

  1. Great post and love the colorful pictures! The post was both happy and a bit sad. I think what you said really summarizes Pattaya so well “The same beach side that was filled with sunshine in the day transformed into something creepy at night”.


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