Diamonds in the sea


I’m back from my trip and as I promised in my last post stepping out of home, I will be sharing my experience here on this space with you guys. So, let’s start with day one; which was in Pattaya, Thailand.

Diary entry from 06-09-2015

Why do we unnecessarily go to jewellery stores when jewels can be found in the sea as well?


I’m laying on a sun bed at Pattaya beach in the middle of the day and the first thing that I notice is how the sun rays are falling on the water making it sparkle. It’s like there are diamonds in the sea calling out to you, waiting to be fetched and owned.

I usually don’t go to the beach when the sun is at its peak because I fear getting a sun rash but today I decided to ignore that fear and embrace my beach love even in the afternoon. And I’m glad that I did so because the combination of the sun and the sea in front of my eyes right now is so pristine that it can’t be missed.

Definitely worth risking a sun rash!!

You can take a sun bed and relax on this beach like I did. If you want you can have fresh coconut water or nibble on some Thai food that the owners of the sun beds offer. (Which will cost you of course but it’s very minimal). There are also a lot of water sport activities that you can do on the beach.

I will be writing more about my experiences in my next post soon called Exploring Pattaya in a day. Till then have a great day and keep smiling!!


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