Things that you face while living alone !!!

There are a lot of perks of living all by yourself like making your own decisions, doing whatever you want, no one to chain you with rules, being independent, but there are also quite a few drawbacks which we don’t realize until we start living alone. It’s been a month since my flatmate left for her home. She’s gone home for two whole months due to a family commitment. Curling up at the couch next to the window with a cup of hot coco I realized how it feels when you are completely on your own.

Things that you face while living alone:-

  1. You hear a voice in your head telling you what to do and talking to you like a person. YES, that does happen and NO, I’m not crazy.
  1. You have to wake up every morning when the maid comes and rings the bell; there is no one else to share that duty with you. No matter how tired you are or how late you’ve slept. You have to get up from that comfy cuddly bed of yours even on Sundays.
  1. You have to do all your daily chores on your own, be it grocery shopping or picking up your dry cleaning or finding someone to fix the plumbing when needed and so much more. At times you will have to let go some of your important work as well to get these things done when it’s an emergency.
  1. You end up being out with your friends most of the time no matter how beautiful your house is and you never really get to enjoy the house you so wonderfully decorated with all your heart when you bought it. In my case, the house is rented.
  1. You get so used to living alone that you find it difficult to adjust when you have to live in a house full of people. Don’t get me wrong! I mean you enjoy every bit of the company you are in but there are certain things that you get used to having your way no matter what.
  1. When you’re alone at home you crave for a human’s voice and when you are among too many people, you crave to go home to your own den. Well! I guess I am going crazy..Haha!

Thank god I live with a flatmate and she will be back soon. We have been flatmates for over three years now and she’s become a sister to me. My family away from family and I don’t know what would have I done without her. This way I get to have the best of both worlds, my freedom and some good company.  Miss you babe. Come back home soon.


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