6 things I would tell my tender inexperienced self !!!

I have had an amazing childhood and a kick as teen age. My parents have raised and pampered me like a princess. But little did I know at that time, that I will end up moving to a different city to pursue my dreams. And in the process learn so much and become an independent girl. Now that I look back this in what I will say to my own self at different stages of life:-

  1. Play as much as you want in the rain because later on in life you will be so concerned about your skin and hair that you will always dread stepping out in the rain.

25687_413164852462_7199020_n[2]     IMG-20130117-WA000

  1. Your Barbie dolls will not be your best friends in the future. You will find best friends in other humans and all 29 of them will just be decoration pieces which one day, you will ask your mom to give away to the less privileged.

IMG-20130110-WA037    IMG_20150115_134225

  1. You were a Harry Potter fan even before the story got written. No wonder you grew up to like Hermione so much.

IMG-20130117-WA003  hermione-polyjuice-potion

  1. These modelling skills of yours will come in handy when you grow up as you will end up becoming a professional model.

IMG-20130110-WA038   IMG_6670 copy

  1. Don’t fight with your brother so much. In fact enjoy as much as you can with him no matter how naughty he is because you both will end up in different cities when you grow up and you will miss your baby bro like crazy then.

IMG-20130110-WA021   IMG-20130117-WA016

  1. Stop fighting with your parents over letting you party till late as you will grow up to realize that there is nothing too it and will soon get over it.

15761_191385247462_6670262_n   DSCN2732

If you had to give a message to your tender inexperienced self, what would that be?

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