Having a bad day but still laughing !!!

Remember I was talking a few days back about Everyday adventures. Well! Today wasn’t any less adventurous for me. It was quite a handful I would say.

I woke up in the morning with the sound of a bell. The bell rang twice in my head. I got out of my bed thinking that it must be my maid who comes at 9:30 every morning, walked towards the door and opened it only to see that it was a delivery boy ringing the bell next door.  It took me five seconds to realize that I’m standing in my night gown dressed half naked in front of a delivery boy who’s staring at me. And the cherry on the cake in the whole situation is that he didn’t even ring my door bell but ended up getting a free show.  As soon as I came into my senses I just said ‘Oh’ and I shut the door.  What else could I have said? ‘I’m sorry! I dreamt that my door bell was ringing, didn’t mean to startle you!’

Image courtesy: google
Image courtesy: google

After the whole humiliation, I saw the time; it was 8:30 am. I lay down in bed to go back to sleep but couldn’t stop myself from thinking about it and giving it a laugh. Oh boy! What a start to my day.

Later on in the day I was getting ready to go for an audition. I don’t know why I was rushing myself even though I was not running late and in that stupid rush I burned my face with a curling rod. It was one of those nasty strands of hair near the face which is tough to curl perfectly.

Image courtesy: google
Image courtesy: google

So, Rush + Strand near the face = face burn

Luckily, it’s not a big one. Just a small burn towards the side of my face, which I covered with makeup, since I didn’t have an option. But It sure as hell pains like a b**ch, reminding me to be careful the next time and not to rush myself ever while using electrical appliances. I hope the mark goes away soon though because no matter how much we love perfectly placed beauty spots on the face (read Marilyn Monroe or Cindy Crawford) this isn’t one of them.

But still, not complaining! I would still say, look at every struggle as an adventure and you will come out of it laughing.

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