Everyday Adventures!!!


If you don’t take a leap of faith and embark on an adventure, how will you make memories for life?

We often find ourselves in situations where we feel stuck; where we feel that this is the worst thing that could possibly happen and we end up torturing ourselves with anxiety that whole time. The things that come to our mind at such a time:-

  • Why me god, WHY ME?
  • Seriously! This is not the right time for this!!!
  • Oh God! How do I get out of this?
  • Shit! I’m so dead!!!
  • I know why this is happening to me. It’s because what I did to that person.
  • Man! I wish I hadn’t taken this route!!!

But what if, we think of  it in a positive way instead of getting worried.  What if we take it as an adventure? Because at the end of the day we always get over it and sometime later it becomes a story that we tell everyone with so much enthusiasm and pride.

Take a minute, think back and recall.

One such incident that happened with me was when I was going to Goa along with two other friends of mine. We decided last minute and looked up the best possible train option that would go from Mumbai to Goa. We had an hour to pack our stuff and reach the station, which we successfully did. But in that rush, three of us forgot to withdraw cash from the ATM. On top of that, the ticket that we had was a general ticket which we thought we will get upgraded once we get on the train. Well! Those of you who are wondering how is that possible, this thing is very common in my country. When the first class tickets are not available, we buy a general ticket and get on the train and once the Ticket Checker comes, we pay him the balance amount (ahemm… also a little extra) and get our tickets upgraded.

So that’s what our plan was but once we got on the train we realised that none of us have the cash to pay the ticket checker. We thought that either he will throw us out of the train at the next station (which was a deserted station in the middle of nowhere by the way.) or we will have to travel for 6 hours over-night in a non-a/c uncomfortable general compartment.  But we were laughing all throughout this time, thinking that it’s an adventure. Let’s see what happens.

Once the T.C allotted us our seats, we saw that there was a pregnant lady and her husband who were sitting next to us. We introduced ourselves to them and told them about the whole situation.  My friend requested the kind man to pay the ticket checker by cash and he could return him the same amount by transferring it online immediately by his phone.  The man and his wife both happily agreed and our problem got solved.

Once this whole fiasco got over we settled down on our seats and after a while went off to sleep. But that was not the end of the adventure. We woke up in the morning to find out that the train was stationed at the same place where we were, when we went off to sleep.

Exactly! We hadn’t moved an inch in the past 6 hours due to a technical issue and the actual journey began minutes after we woke up in the morning. Even then we brushed it off laughing and saying let’s enjoy the adventure. We got chatty with the couple who were heading home further south to Kerala to visit the lady’s family and we ended up making two new friends in the couple. Also, the whole route from Mumbai to Goa is very beautiful by train, covered with mountains, waterfalls and tunnels. So since our train got delayed and we started in the morning, we got to enjoy the whole scenic journey.

So the way I look at it, keeping a positive head and seeing it as an adventure made us enjoy the whole incident instead of getting worried. If we wanted we could have panicked and made a scene with the ticket checker but instead we kept calm which made us think smartly. Again, we could have gotten irritated when we got to know that the train hasn’t moved but we laughed it off which made us enjoy the train ride and have a great conversation with two strangers.  (Two amazing strangers who helped us out of course!)

That’s why I say, look at every struggle as an adventure and you will come out of it laughing.


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