Magic In The Moonlight

Image courtesy: google
Image courtesy: google

There are moments when we all look for tranquility in our lives and then there are moments when we are not thinking about it but it comes to us unexpectedly in the most unimaginable situation. That’s exactly what happened with me on my trip to Goa in June. As I mentioned in one of my earlier posts ( Facing Your Fears ) my friend Tanushree invited me to stay at her house in Goa and I had an amazing one week staying in her beautiful home. I made some really nice friends and memories on this trip to Goa.  One of them being, going for a beach picnic on my last night in Goa.

We decided that instead of going partying on a Saturday night let’s do something different and go for a picnic. My friend Leo owns a shack at Candolim beach in Goa called Bay View shack  and since it was off season, all the shacks were shut on the beach, making it deserted and non commercial. So he suggested that we do our picnic there. We picked up alcohol, mixers, wafers and a few other things from the nearby supermarket and went to the beach.  We reached around 7 pm when the sun had already set making it a perfect setting for a moonlight picnic. The moon was the only source of light and the sea waves were the only source of sound. To top it all, it was just the six of us on the beach. Imagine having your own private beach, Yeah! It was exactly like that. It was mesmerizing.  I wish I had some good pictures to share but it was so dark that I couldn’t capture anything. Both the pictures I’ve used are from Google as I tried to look for something that was similar to what I experienced. So I’ll leave it to your imagination.

After absorbing in the brilliance of nature we thought of pumping up the energy. We connected our little portable speaker to our phones and blasted some good music. We drank, we danced and we laughed. We were having a great time and then it started drizzling. We wanted to enjoy in the rain but we had our phones and gadgets which we didn’t want to ruin.  Luckily, Leo had a Boat which he had kept upside down with the help of a stand so we quickly put all our things in the bags and rushed towards the boat. As soon as we all crawled inside the boat it started raining like cats and dogs. The sand and the rain drops were rushing towards us even then because of the wind but it didn’t bother us. There was more than enough space for all of us to sit comfortably. We continued with our drinks and music in our little boat shed, high on alcohol and the whole situation. We were greeted by occasional thunders making us hoot and whistle to each one of its visit.

We were so busy in enjoying ourselves that we didn’t even realize when the rain had stopped.  We turned down the music and crawled out of the boat. I looked around and the sight of the beach and the moon enchanted me. The way the moonlight was falling on the sea and the water was shining in the dark, the way the waves were reaching the shore and going back to the sea, it all just pulled me towards it.

I went and lay down over there looking at the moon, the stars and the infinite sky. The water was close enough to touch my feet and go back. The sound of the pristine water was the only sound that I could hear. I closed my eyes and found my serenity, my peace, my heaven.  In that very moment I wished that I could just be there forever and that moment gets frozen in time.  Sadly that wasn’t possible and I had to get back to reality after a while. But my memories are mine and that particular moment is etched in my memory forever because it is that moment in which I found my tranquility unexpectedly when I wasn’t even looking for it.

Image courtesy: google
Image courtesy: google

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