Dreams that should only remain dreams….


There are certain dreams that we see with our eyes open, the ones that we feel so passionate about, the ones that we strive to achieve. And then there are certain dreams that we see with our eyes shut, while sleeping. I am always able to recall the dream that I saw the last night. When I wake up, it’s right there in front of my eyes. There are times when I wake up with the feeling of forgetting something. That’s when I know that I saw a dream but I’m not able to recall it. In such a case I put some pressure on my mind, think about it hard and BINGO! Mission accomplished! I recall what I saw. So when people say that they never remember what they see in their dreams or they don’t get dreams at all, I don’t really understand how that is possible.

I saw a very wired dream last night. I saw that I was on the road heading somewhere and I saw a picture of my younger brother on the front page of a newspaper. He was coughing profusely in the picture and was looking unwell. On top of that he was being carried by a man.

I got shit scared and started running here and there on the road, not knowing what to do. The next thing I remember is that I was somewhere near his hostel trying to find him. I called him up but he wasn’t answering, after being at it again and again he finally picked up. I was so relieved. I asked him how he is to which he said he’s ok, a little unwell but all right.

I told him that I’m near his hostel and coming to see him. On hearing this he got irritated and said: ‘why are you coming here? I can take care of myself. I’m a grown up now.’ And he kept the phone.

That’s the last of it that I remember after opening my eyes. For a moment I thought what the hell was that? Why was he so rude to me? Is he ok? Should I try to sleep again to see what happened next? Then reality hit me. Hold on! That was a dream and why would I go back to sleep to find out if he’s ok when I can just call him.

I picked up my phone and called him immediately. He answered in a very cheerful and happy tone as his lunch break was going on. That’s when I calmed down. We talked and we laughed together for a few minutes before his lunch break got over and then he went back to his class. I love my baby bro and the thought of something happening to him scared the shit out of me. I kept the phone knowing that he’s absolutely fine and stared my day with a smile.

So that was my wired dream, and there are many more that I have seen which I will share some other time. If you remember any of yours feel free to share it here.

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