Sharing Is Caring !!!


So many times we feel like sharing our feelings with the person we love but something holds us back. Something from deep within stops us and tells us not to. Maybe it’s the fear of what might happen. What if he/she doesn’t understand or doesn’t feel the same way. What if he/she is on a different tangent?  Why do we keep things to ourselves when we want to say it out loud to our partner? Is that also considered as lying and cheating in a relationship?

In today’s world we as individuals have so many expectations which make us really picky while getting into a relationship. So, when we actually do get into one, why aren’t we completely honest?

Giving out a page from my diary, I was in a relationship with a guy and felt that I love him. I would go out of my way to make myself available for him, whenever he wanted to talk to me on the phone or meet me or needed anything even though it was not being reciprocated, I could clearly feel it. But I still kept at it that maybe one day he will do the same for me. In that hope, I never said anything to him.  Maybe I was scared that what if he gets upset and starts a fight. I don’t want to fight with him! Or even worse, what if he’s still the same even after I tell him? What would that mean for us? Whereas inside, I wanted to shout and say all these things out loud.

But that never happened! I kept trying so hard to make it work. Putting double the effort from my end, but it was doomed to end and so it did.

My point is that we should be able to communicate clearly with our partner, from the smallest of things to the big life altering things. The more we keep holding on to it, the more it will bother us.

Gather the courage. Collect the words. Share.


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