Love = Need

Do you think we feel a connection to someone because we start to fall in love with that person or because we need to feel that way at that time? Is love really our need?

I know for a fact that we feel the need to buy a car or a refrigerator or even clothes because those are our needs but do we also need to feel love at that point of time when we want it? Think about it. We humans always do what we want and work towards things that we want to achieve right. For example: (1) we take a loan from the bank when we want to buy a house, (2) we purposely try to take up big projects at work and make our way up in the eyes of our boss when we want a promotion. Similarly, we do exactly that when it comes to love.

I met a friend after a very long time and we got talking about what’s happening in our lives, when He happen to mention that he’s dating a girl and every time he meets her, he gifts her something or the other to impress her and keep her happy. Oh! I should mention that He’s never given gifts to anyone ever in his past. Which got me to ask him that why he would do that now, with this girl. And guess what his answer was, – I think I love her and I don’t want her to go away…. I guess I need to settle down in life now.

It was this interaction that got me thinking that is love really our need? So, I called up a few more friends and talked to them about the same topic.

Another friend of mine who is very career oriented and is very picky about the guys she gets involved with, mentioned that she was not looking for any relationship until her best friend and two of her other close friends got married recently. She was a part of all the ceremonies and functions and that’s when she felt the need to be in a relationship. Within a month she started seeing someone and now they are seriously committed. And guess what, he is nothing like the guy she always wanted to be with.

A very close school friend of mine confessed that he started working out at the gym to get rid of his beer belly and started following a diet all in order to get this girl to agree to go out with him, who turned him down because she wanted to be with someone with a good physique. He said he wanted to be with her so badly because he was in love with her. But how I see the situation, his need to be with her, drove him over to the gym and the dieting.

Another one also agreed to my theory and told me that she used to get her hair and nails done every time she used to go and meet this guy she was dating who she thought, she was in love with but years later realized that it was her need to be in love with him in order to get over her last relationship which didn’t work out.

All these experiences prove my theory right.  :-

We feel love because we need to feel that way. It is our need to fall in love, and once we realize it, then we work towards achieving that need.

5 thoughts on “Love = Need

  1. mere khayal se,,,

    “Pyar ek aisa ‘AHASAAS’ hai…jispar zindagi ki gadi chalti hai…jispar… us insaan ke jazbaat safar karte hai….fir chahe wo khushi ke ho ya fir dukh ke……
    Pictures badal jati hai….characters badal jate hai…halaat badal jate…..yahan tak….zindagi ki gaadi ruk jati hai……but “”AHASAAS”” nahi badal pata……
    “”Jo jazab na ho paya, wo pyar nahi hai””………..zaroorat hai.


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