Indian Dating Scenario !!!

Last night I ended up going to a nearby bar with a few friends. Looking around it suddenly hit me that we can easily put Indian socializing bar-going men into two categories. – (ONE) the ones who will look at you from a distance and exchange glances, and even if you reciprocate the same, they will not have the courage to approach you.(TWO) the ones who will approach you and try to hit on you in a very sleazy way. Which got me thinking are there really any good single available men left in Mumbai? Well! If there are then why are they so scared of making the first move? Or can it be possible that with the changing times they expect us women to make the first move?

We girls grow up listening to fairy tales and are told that one day our prince charming will come to our lives and sweep us off our feet. Believing in that, we keep waiting for him to turn up in our lives, waiting for him to approach us because that’s what we have grown up believing but instead of waiting shouldn’t we just head out and look for him ourselves? We girls can make the first move right, or can’t we?

In a country like ours tradition is given tons of importance and it is tradition after all for a guy to ask out a girl. But with each growing day time is changing and so is the thinking. There are multiple guys out there who are open-minded and contemporary, who welcome the thought of a girl asking them out, as it says a lot about her being confident, assertive and independent.

Also, it takes a lot of courage and preparation for most guys to ask a girl out on a date or approach her because of the fear of being rejected which is not good for any guy’s ego. So seeing the girl take that step instead of them is should be pretty receptive for most of them.


There’s a flip side to it as well. If the guy isn’t open minded enough, he will see you as a bold woman and might think of you as the dominating type who likes to take the call on things all the time and trust me you don’t want to fall under that category if you’re finding the guy of your dreams.

Also, if you approach the guy straight off he might think that you’re just looking for someone to sleep with and of course, we know how guys respond to that. He’ll immediately be head over heels for you but just for the night. That’s again something that we are not looking for.

So in short, the dating scenario in India is quite crappy and needs a BIG change. Either the men should buckle up their shoes and gather some courage or they should be OK with the women being a man.

2 thoughts on “Indian Dating Scenario !!!

  1. Indian society has to open up and get more casual. Dating is not just about marriage in western society but here it is more like that. We need more serials like in comedy Central and zcafe.


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