Mountains Calling: The Evening

Continuing from where we left off yesterday, we went to the local market where we saw a huge group of hostel kids accompanied by their teachers probably on a school trip. Looking at them jumping around in excitement made me recollect my school memories when I used to go on school trips. What an amazing time that was.

It wasn’t a very fancy market. Just a simple lane of stores selling mostly camping stuff and things of local produce. We didn’t buy anything but we enjoyed our evening tea/coffee over there at a local cafe.

From there we went to a place called the sunset point, which is around a 15-20 minuets drive from the market, situated above the cantonment area.

As soon as we reached there and i got down from the car, I was in for a surprise. It was so so so cold! It was a plateau and winds were flowing from all the four directions making it very chilly. (I tend to feel colder than normal people.) But the sight was oh so beautiful.

IMG-20150503-WA0012          IMG-20150503-WA0020

Ha-ha…as I said, I feel really cold!

IMG-20150503-WA0021          IMG-20150503-WA0029

After the amazing (FREEZING) sunset we ventured out on a stroll near the hotel. I don’t know what is it about walks in mountain areas that excite me so much. Maybe it’s the sound of birds or the sound of silence mixed with it or maybe it’s the fresh air. Whatever it is, it’s always wonderful.


Remember I was mentioning about our evening conversations in our balcony in my earlier posts, well this is a proof of that.


It was time to say goodnight. Next morning we began our journey back to delhi relaxed and recharged to get back to the city life. 🙂


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