Mountains Calling: Day II

As promised yesterday, I am back to tell you more about my trip to Chakrata. we woke up well rested and fresh to start our day of exploring chakrata. Thankfully, the weather was on our side, the sun shining and the cool breeze flowing. Which was a relief considering there was a thunderstorm outside the whole night when we tucked ourselves into bed. We had a scrumptious breakfast and began our journey.

20150501_101358       20150501_101426

The first spot that we chose was called Tiger falls which was around 45 minuets drive from the hotel. Apparently its named so because the sound of the waterfall is just like a roar of a tiger, that’s what the locals say at least. After the drive we reached a point from where we had to trek 15 to 20 minuets towards the waterfall. which was quite enjoyable and the view was enchanting.

IMG-20150503-WA0022         IMG-20150503-WA0030

Now i’m starting to feel that i should buy a proper camera and stop depending on my phone camera as the pictures are nearly half as god as what the actual view was.

20150501_115018            20150501_115626

the waterfall was surrounded by lush green mountains and the most beautifull sight was how the trees curved at the edge of the mountain with sunlight passing through it. The waterfall didn’t make any tiger sounds though. The sound was just like any other waterfall. But it was enjoyable sitting at the edge of the river on a stone and dipping our feet into the water with so much beauty around us.

On our way back to the car we spotted a small tea stall and decided to sit there and enjoy a beer or two. Before you get any ideas, we were carrying our own beer and no tea stalls in India do not serve alcohol. We ordered two portions of Maggie (which is a quite popular brand of noodles in India and is available everywhere.) and took two packets of chips from him and he was happy to let us enjoy his shed.

IMG-20150503-WA0011 IMG-20150503-WA0015 IMG-20150503-WA0026

Oh ya! since we forgot to carry an opener with us, the tea stall owner volunteered to open it with his opener – THE SICKLE.

After a brief stoppage at our hotel for lunch, we headed in the other direction to see the market area and the sunset point thereafter. About which i’ll be writing tomorrow in my next blog post as I have to go for some work now so need to stop my fingers from writing. till then… Happy blogging 🙂

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