Mountains calling

Remember the time when we were kids? We used to go on holidays with our parents in our summer break. Ring any bells?

When I thought of travelling, those memories started coming to my mind. All the trips that I’ve taken with my family, all the fun we have had travelling together.  And then it struck me – why did we stop doing that? Maybe we grew up, Maybe we got to busy with our careers or maybe we started having more fun with our friends. And that’s when i thought its time to make more memories with my family.

I started planning a trip with my parents and we decided to go to this small place called chakrata in Utrakhand. We always pick places that are untouched and non touristy for family trips so that we enjoy the nature, get quality time with each other and relax. Chakrta is technically 7 hours by road from Delhi but it took us 9 because we stopped thrice to stretch our legs and also to eat. The whole journey was comfortable except for the last 1 hour when we took the road towards the valley which was under repairs.

We stayed at Himalayan Paradise hotel, which is a lovely property overlooking the mountains.

20150430_153848We took a family room which i fell in love with as soon as i saw it. wooden roof, wooden beds and a small wooden staircase to climb on the double bunk beds. the best thing was the smell of pine trees all around.

20150501_140509                                   20150501_140522

yup! that’s my mom sitting on top of the bunk bed. The room also had a balcony with a breathtaking view where one could sit for hours. our evenings were spent sitting there along with some great music, good drinks and amazing conversations.

20150501_141335                                 20150501_192555

The meals were only served in the restaurant which was a small but cute dining area across the hallway.The menu was mainly simple Indian food, and i must say that the food was delicious.

20150501_213034                              20150501_213123

Our first day was spent at the property itself because we wanted to relax and enjoy a few drinks. The hotel is pretty comfortable on the pocket and has really good reviews on trip adviser.  I’ll write about our second day at chakrata tomorrow, which will be more about the things you can do and the places to be seen.

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