Have you ever tried singing?

IMG_20140509_133651There are very few people who have been given the gift of ‘the ability to sing’. And i’m deffffinitely not one of them !!!

I came to this conclusion a week back when I got a call to audition for a musical theater play. For those of you who don’t know, a musical play is a form of theatrical performance that combines songs, spoken dialogue, acting, and dance. So I told this guy that i can vouch for my acting and dancing abilities but singing, that i’m not too sure about. He still insisted that i come for the audition and give it a try. He told me to go to their web site and see what the play is about and then prepare a monologue ( a long boring speech in simple words that an actor should make it interesting) and a song. I warned him again that I’ve never sang professionally but he pressed on it, so I gave him a green signal.

Now that i had said yes I got on with my homework. I read all that was given on the website and then prepared my monologue. Then came the difficult part. To choose a song that I can sing easily and not look like a fool. First I chose ‘ Honey Honey’ from the film mama mia, which is one of my favorite films by the way. completely cheers me up. While I was practicing singing the song I was gaining confidence side by side… why did I think that I don’t have it in me. I can totally do it. In fact, I remembered one of my school friends also complimenting me on my singing ability when i was casually humming a song once in school. Then it struck me that I should prepare a soulful romantic track as well. I chose ‘Eternal Flame’ as I love singing that song.

The final moment… I Decided to record myself singing and see where I can improve. I did the same, and then I PLAYED IT. I heard both the songs. The songs that i so proudly thought i’m going to be good at. Oh My God! I had never heard anyone sing to badly before. It was like someone was putting warm wax in my ears. why on earth did my school friend compliment my singing and why was i so naive to believe that I can sing ON STAGE!!!

within the next moment I called that guy and told him that i’m not going ahead with it. And my momentary rock-star fantasy shattered into tiny pieces just like a glass would if it was kept next to me when i played my song.

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