How important is it for us to be in love?

The meaning of love will be different for one person than it is to the other.  For someone it might mean being with that special somebody forever and for someone it might mean getting moments of happiness from more than one person.  On the other hand there are people who find love in music, in watching the sunset, in adopting pets or spending time with the waves of water on a beach. So there are ample of ways to find love in life. But the real question is how important is it for us to be in love? In this average 75-80 year old life where do we place love?

I hear so many people talk about their first love and how special it has been in their life even if it does not exist anymore, but just the mere memory of it. I feel it’s more to do with one’s own self because that is when our heart feels something for the first time in its existence. It feels it’s made for something much more than just pumping blood to the whole body, it feels ‘alive’, it feels it’s made for love.

Some people find it really complicated to figure out if they are in love, saying that how can you say for sure if it is love. It can also be an infatuation or an attraction. But the truth is that it’s not too hard to figure it out because when you are with that person the direction of your whole world changes. You feel a sudden pull in your stomach and you suddenly start feeling secure around that person’s presence. Your life becomes all about the two of you and you forget everything else around you. Everything that matters or has ever mattered.  And if you have ever felt like this you have been in love, and you know it’s the most beautiful feeling the entire world.

So why is it that we end up ignoring something which is so beautiful and pure, something that makes us so happy when we are consumed by it. A point comes in all are lives when we start ignoring love for the sake of other things. When we become so busy with our work, family, money or other worldly pleasures that we think we can’t compartmentalize love in our schedule. We feel it’s too time consuming and the importance of love starts to fade away. We all need to ask ourselves that what we are doing, is that actually making us happy? Is the job that we go to every day and spend hours thinking about it, both at office and at home, or the money that we are running after, planning every day how to get it into our bank account, or the socializing that we do with our colleagues with a motive behind it, does it make us equally happy as being in love with our special someone would?

Then why is it that we close the eyes to love? There is no perfect time for love to come into your life. It can knock at your door at any age and stage in life. And when it does you should cherish it, celebrate it, enjoy it and let it consume you in itself. Believe me, when you do that you will be the happiest in your life. That’s how important love is so don’t ignore it, live it.

3 thoughts on “Love

  1. I believe most of the times, what we really are in love with is the element of “mystery” about the other person. If someone excites us even after a long enough time – when you know each other completely, True love, right there – at least I believe so. Don’t you think? 😀


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