Starting a journey

2014-01-26 17.32.41

This is my very first blog in my entire existence. I’ve always had the drive to write but never really got to it because there were always ‘other things’ to do. So, whenever I felt like writing and would think of sitting in front of my laptop I would tell myself that Anna what are you doing you need to send those emails out first, or you need to get ready and go for this meeting or that audition, At times I would tell myself that Anna! you don’t know how to write… read more books first or watch more movies. My nickname is Anna by the way. Basically i kept avoiding the pen in some way or the other but then last night i just felt like writing… writing anything so i made my blog on word press. I haven’t found my niche yet so, i’ll blog about whatever i feel like and whatever comes to my heart… haha..

Happy Blogging to me and Happy reading to you!!

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